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mebloform Sp. z o.o.

Al. Jana Pawła II 5
34-130 Kalwaria


Phone +48 33 876 63 10 Mail info@mebloform.pl


More than 80 years of precision work.

mebloform, a company founded in 1935 already, joined the hagenauer group in 2010. mebloform delivers its products from the traditional Polish furniture-making region of Kalwaria to hoteliers and many other customers all over Europe. The perfectly customised furniture is made with the help of state of the art technology and machinery as well as sophisticated craftsmanship. Only high-quality materials meeting superior standards are used in the production. Add to it our continuous quality controls during the whole manufacturing procedure. Being reliable and keeping the deadline are a self-evident fact for the furniture experts, as they are for any subsidiary of hagenauer group.